Corporate philosophy

We work together as a company and as employees to become a strong company that makes suitable profit by providing products, technologies, and services of superior value and high quality.

Comprehensive “manufacturing power”


The spirit of manufacturing we have honored for over 69 years since our founding has continued to change with the needs of the times, and now it has expanded our business to a wide variety of fields.
Asahi ETIC is a comprehensive manufacturing engineering company that turns clients’ ideals into reality.
We will continue to provide the world with our unique technical skills, advanced innovations, and revolutionary products to enrich the future.

Providing all processes in one place with reliable skills.

At Asahi ETIC, we use our advanced manufacturing skills to manufacture signs and LEDs. As a general construction company, we have expanded our business to include building, signs, electrical, and painting.

  • FLOW1

    Planning and designPlanning and

    Our design specialists can plan and design building and sign projects.

  • FLOW2


    In addition to manufacturing products in our own ISO9001 certified factory, we conduct various performance tests to improve the quality of our products.

  • FLOW3

    Building and constructionBuilding and

    Our specialized technicians provide highly specialized and reliable building, civil engineering, sign, electrical, and painting services.

  • FLOW4

    Maintenance and managementMaintenance and

    Let us take care of the maintenance and inspection of your structures, signs, facilities, and electrical from our locations around the country.

A group of professionals from various fields

Having expanded our business into a wide variety of fields, we have multiple employees who have obtained the qualifications necessary for this work.

Obtained qualifications (excerpt)

・First-class architect

・Second-class architect

・First-class building management engineer

・Second-class building management engineer

・Steel frame visual inspection technician

・Steel frame product inspection technician

・Disaster-affected structure risk evaluator

・First-class civil engineering management engineer

・Second-class civil engineering management engineer

・First-class plumbing work management engineer

・Asbestos Containing building Materials Surveyor

・Specified chemical substances work supervisor

・Special training for dismantling structures with asbestos

・Completed special training for asbestos handling

・Asbestos work supervisor

・Training for work supervisors to prevent exposure to asbestos dust

・Specially controlled industrial waste manager

・First-class telecommunications work managment engineer

・Type 3 chief electrical engineer

・First-class electrical work management engineer

・Second-class electrical work management engineer

・Type 1 electrician

・Type 2 electrician

・First-class instrumentation engineer

・Second-class instrumentation engineer

・Analog and digital installation technician

・Rust-prevention manager

・Outdoor advertisement specialist

・General certified measurer

・Class B type 4 hazardous materials engineer

・Lighting engineer

・Lighting consultant

Asahi ETIC’s strengths


since founding since
69years star


69 years since foundingFor over 69 years since our founding, we have maintained a spirit of manufacturing that has brought us success in many projects through trustworthiness and high quality. We will continue to keep the future of urban development in mind as we turn ideals into reality.

Japan (19 offices + 5 factories)
Vietnam (1 offices/factories)
With our network extending across Japan and around the world, we can build a future for more cities and more peoples’ dreams. Wherever they are and whatever work they’re doing, our employees never forget our vision. We are here to meet diverse needs and fulfill our clients’ requests quickly.

factories・offices offices 19 factories 5 offices
1 star star

certification types Number of registered
certification types
Around170 Number of registered
certified employees
Around330 star

Number of registered certification types: Around 170
Number of registered certified employees: Around 330
In each of our business divisions at Asahi ETIC, we have many certified professionals with specialized knowledge and skills. We always stay up to date on the latest training so we can consistently bring out the best and achieve maximum results.


Number of patents: 19With the manufacturing spirit passed down since our founding, we have conducted our own technology development research.
We will continue to develop innovative technologies to help our clients achieve their dreams and contribute to an abundant society.

Number of patents Number of
   19 star

business divisions Number of
15 star

Number of business divisions: 15Starting with the manufacture and installation of signs, we have stayed attuned to the needs of our clients on a daily basis are now providing a variety of solutions in 15 areas of business. From store construction to demolition and even work efficiency improvements, we are happy to discuss a wide variety of projects.